Musical Notes Continued

A little bit of me validating my hobby cause it's TOTALLY NOT just me staring at the visuals. . .followed by a list of my favorites, and some ways to integrate music into your studying


Goals? Questions?

NSLI-Y goals, Chinese goals, language goals. . .life goals? An incomplete list of abstract objectives in no particular order.

OPI, Oh My

So I had my pre-NSLI-Y OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) today. . . OPIs are conducted in the target language and last between 15-45 minutes.  They cover a variety of topics and often include a skit that you have to act in. For mine, the interview started 52 minutes late (no comment was made about this …

Notes on Language Learning

In no particular order, some ways that I practice and self-study Mandarin at home, as well as some things I learned about immersion-learning (or wished I had known before!) Confidence is key; the more confident you are, the more willing you'll be to practice and extrapolate on what you've already learned, leading to greater progress.  Easier said than done of course, but I have faith in you.  加油吧!我們一起努力,一起加油,以期提高! An app, verb, noun, lifesaver: Pleco (aka "The Fish" as my host-brother called it) is