Flights and Other Travel Updates

Regarding my past-nationalities question in the last post (Chinese adoptee, ex-Chinese citizen, what to check on Taiwanese visa form?), I e-mailed iEarn last week and was redirected to the Taiwanese Economic and Cultural Office (TECO).  After a couple phone calls, a little bit of confusion, and a "call back Monday", it was decided that I …


Musical Notes Continued

A little bit of me validating my hobby cause it's TOTALLY NOT just me staring at the visuals. . .followed by a list of my favorites, and some ways to integrate music into your studying

Hi Everyone (Anyone?)

大家好, I'm Kate- alternate alias 林潔瑩/林洁莹/ Lín Jiéyíng.  Welcome to my blog chronicling all my (mis)adventures studying Chinese in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (or should I say 台灣,高雄?)through the NSLI-Y Scholarship. What is NSLI-Y (why it's awesome!), my reasons for learning Chinese, and other miscellaneous facts about me!