Gotta Love Visas. . .

I don't think I've ever applied for a visa without there being hiccups, and the Taiwanese visa is no exception, mainly because the Taiwanese visa does not have standard procedures.  Rather, each TECO follows general policies, but has their own unique procedures which can include extra paperwork. Applying for a resident visa with NSLI-Y I had …


We’re Going Somewhere!

誒喲,today I submitted all my NSLI-Y update forms.  They were due today (summer procrastination is really real y'all), so it was good to get those out of the way.  Nothing too exciting, just confirming my contact information, health updates, and the like. We also got our first Weekly E-Mail from iEarn which we'll continue to …

Musical Notes Continued

A little bit of me validating my hobby cause it's TOTALLY NOT just me staring at the visuals. . .followed by a list of my favorites, and some ways to integrate music into your studying