Stan 草東沒有排隊!

It’s 2 am, but I’m so psyched: just found out that my favorite Chinese music group, 草東沒有排隊 (Cao Dong Meiyou Paidui), is having A Moment right now with popularity in Taiwan and a couple of other Asian countries. . .I’ve been an  avid fan of them since last year, and I feel so validated right now!  For some awesome Taiwanese rock, here are my three favorite songs from their album 醜奴兒(Chou Nu’er,English Title: The Serville):
  1. 勇敢的人 (Yônggân de Rén, Eng: The Reluctant)
  2. 鬼 (Guî, Eng: The Specter)
  3. 大風吹 (Dàfēng Chuī, Eng: Simon Says)

Definitely encourage you to listen to their whole album though!


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