Goals? Questions?

Some goals and Things to Consider as I get ready for NSLI-Y, whilst in Taiwan, and as I continue on my language learning journey.  NSLI-Y goals, Chinese goals, language goals, life goals?  An incomplete list of abstract objectives in no particular order.

  • Be able to read a novel in Chinese (specifically, Chinese web novels!  There’s so many cool ones, but alas my patience isn’t made for translation wait times)
  • Have some understanding of Literary Chinese/文言
    • I would love to read the Analects of Confucius, Sima Qian’s works, etc.
    • Would love to explore 文言 and its affects across the Sinosphere, especially on languages today
      • Plan on studying Korean in college
  • Want to learn popular Chinese myths/kid stories/nursery rhymes
  • Would love to explore the question “What is fluency in a language”— does fluency exist?  Based on what qualifications?  How can we test and measure it?  Is fluency a single objective, or are there types of fluency?
  • Reading a magazine in Chinese (Ceci!) would be pretty cool
  • On the topic: movies sans subs and musics sans English lyrics would also be cool
  • Hope to explore the question “What is Chinese identity” as it exists in the PRC, ROC, US, and beyond?  Is “Chinese” a nationality, an ethnicity, other?
    • How will I, a Chinese adoptee who grew up in the US to a white-American family, be perceived in the ROC?  How will this compare to the PRC?
  • Interested in exploring the question “How is filial piety viewed in the ROC, especially as it relates to women/daughters”?
    • My midterm and final projects for last summer’s NSLI-Y program were based on a series of interviews on how women in the PRC today view filial piety; it would be interesting to see how women in the ROC would respond as well
  • Will probably need to learn “Business Chinese”/technical terms at some point
  • Definitely want to study Cantonese at some point
  • It would also be nice to pick up some Zhuang
  • I also need to go back and work on my Spanish. . .
  • NSLI-Y: definitely want to join some clubs at Wenzao!
    • Chinese dance, martial arts, Spanish club, and more are all on the table. . .
  • Look into 兒童村/孤兒院 situation in Kaohsiung, help if possible
  • Make friends with the neighbors in Kaohsiung (and my teachers, and my classmates, and my host fan, and basically just make some really awesome connections!)
    • If the occasion ever arises, I totally have a list of kid games to play (already pre-tested in China!)
    • Also ready to play some awesome games of Slap in Taiwan
  • Buy a custom qipao in Taiwan (also want to buy 唐代漢服)

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